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Doctors' Guides to Diagnosing and Treating ME/CFS

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[Last updated July 19, 2021.]

The U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition*, a group of American doctors who specialize in treating people with ME/CFS, has created three resources to help primary care doctors recognise and treat people with ME/CFS.

The first resource is a six-page guide to diagnosing and treating the condition. It's the best guide to ME/CFS we have seen, a valuable educational resource for primary care doctors. The guide can be read, printed and downloaded here.

The second resource is a website that includes an overview of ME/CFS plus sections on clinical management and medical education, as well as a compehensive list of resources. The site may be accessed here.

Both the guide and the website include a link to comprehensive guidance on pacing that we developed together with Dr. Charles Lapp. We thank the coalition for recommending our material.

The third resource is the group's treatment recommendations, divided into Drug and Non-Drug. It can be found here.

*The coalition includes Lucinda Bateman, Alison Bested, Nancy Klimas, Anthony Komaroff, Charles Lapp, Susan Levine, Ben Natelson, Dan Peterson, and Richard Podell.