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Logs, Forms & Worksheets

If you are looking for a way to get a big payoff for a small investment of time, consider spending a few minutes a day keeping a health log.

Such records offer a way to understand the fluctuations in your symptoms, giving you a tool for discovering what makes your illness worse and what helps you feel better.

The logs and forms below, listed alphabetically, are available for you to print or save using Adobe Reader, version 4.0 or higher.

For how-to ideas on record keeping, see these three articles, as well as the Logging FAQ

1) Health Logs: Big Payoff on a Small Investment 
2) Learn to Predict the 'Unpredictable'
3) Limits, Logging, and Better Heath

Activity Log
A tool for tracking activities, and seeing connections between activities and symptoms. See a sample here.

All Logs, Forms & Worksheets
A pdf file containing all our logs, forms and worksheets.

Daily Schedule
A tool to plan routines for morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime. For instructions and an example, see the article Practicing the Pacing Lifestyle.

Energy Envelope
A way to understand your limits in detail: physical, mental and social activity, sleep and rest, moods and stressors. For an example, see the article Finding Your Energy Envelope, Part 2.

Envelope Log
A simple tool for seeing the relationship between your limits, your activity level and your symptoms. See a sample here.

Rating Scale
Understand the severity of your illness by rating yourself on this 100 point scale. For instructions, see the article Understanding Your Situation.

Relapse Worksheet
A way to reduce relapses by writing relapse triggers, warning signs, responses to warning signs and prevention strategies. See the article Controlling Relapses: A Five-Part Strategy

Special Event Worksheet
A tool to plan for non-routine events like vacations and holiday celebrations. See also the article Strategies for Special Events.

Symptom Log
A quick way to see which symptoms are important, daily changes in symptoms, overall symptom level and interactions among symptoms. See a sample here.

Target Form
Tool used for setting short-term goals and charting progress. For instructions, see Goals and Targets.

Weekly Diary Log
Hourly activity log used to gather data for determining Energy Envelope. For a sample log, go here.

Weekly Diary Log Tally Sheet
Form for calculating Envelope using data collected with Weekly Diary Log. For a sample, go here.

Weekly Schedule
A form for weekly planning. For instructions and an example, see the article Practicing the Pacing Lifestyle.