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Topic: Success Stories

ME/CFS and FM patient Bobbie Brown used many coping techniques to increase her functional level significantly.

Dean Anderson's account of how he used self-help in his successful eight-year struggle to recover from ME/CFS.

By focusing on the many practical things she could do to feel better, Jana Murrell-Maxfield made a successful adaptation to fibromyalgia.

How Pris Campbell emerged from the deep hole of severe ME/CFS and also found a new identity as a writer.

Patti Schmidt explains how she worked through grief to learn how to live with her illness.

How Beatrice Desper used pacing, exercise and support to improve from 10% of normal to 50% and beyond.

After many failures, one person finds a successful approach to exercise using two simple principles.

Kristin Scherger describes how she was able to expand her energy envelope by changing careers.

Yvonne Bond's account of how her decision to stop working led to a new and better life.

Joan Buchman's account of how lifestyle changes and mental adjustments led to a fulfilling life with chronic illness.

Geraldine Blackman describes how her use of pacing brought structure and purpose to her life.

How Phoebe Love's use of pacing, change of diet, and managing stress and emotions to return to near normal.

How Phoebe Love used change of diet, and managing stress and emotions to return to near normal.

How one person has experienced dramatic improvement by managing her various Energy Envelopes.

Bianca Veness's seven pacing strategies.

How Kate Morgan uses five types of rest to avoid the cycle of push and crash.

Getting a diagnosis of FM after more than two decades triggered a process of change that led to a greatly improved quality of life.

How Elena Rosen used experimentation and record keeping to trigger improvement from 25% of normal to 98%.

Fibromyangia patient Kathy Gamble describes the many strategies she used to create a good life with FM.

JoWynn Johns describes how she reduced her symptoms and brought stability to her life by finding and honoring her body's limits.

How a simple pacing strategy allowed Vicki Lockwood to reduce her symptoms and gain control of her life.

How ME/CFS patient Margaret Fergusson increased her functional level from 15% to 70%.

Kathy Mero describes how she discovered the ways she makes her symptoms worse and then how to avoid some relapses and minimize others.

How Dianne Timbers used tiny steps to improve, starting from being severely bed-bound.

How a strange twist of fate led to surprising improvements in attitude and quality of life.

It took three tries, but Rosemary Rowlands learned to use pacing to gain stability, reduce her symptoms and expand her activity level.

The recovery story of our founder, Bruce Campbell.

Spanish version of Kathy Gamble's success story, in which she describes the many strategies she used to create a good life with fibromyalgia.